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We carry a large variety of hunting supplies, from compound and recurve crossbows

pistol crossbows, aluminum and graphite bolts, from 6"- 24" and we also can restring your bow or crossbow and do light maintenance on them as well.


We carry supplies for every season, archery, rifle, black powder and small game.


Our knife selection constists of over 200 knives from pocket knives, deer stag, survival and hunting knives, fillet knives and also machete's, some of our hunting knives are made by a local knife maker.


We carry the most popular ammo for hunting, if you need a special kind of ammo ask us and we will try our best to get it for you, if you would like a specific target that we dont stock we can also special order it for you: 3d, paper, foam etc.


We also carry airsoft and daisy BB guns along with the pellets and BB's for both.




We also have a large variety of deer baits like buck jam, deer cain and deer lickers, also attractants and scent blockers, and sugar beets, shelled corn and apples for your bait pile.


Hats, gloves, thermal socks, and hand warmers are in stock, boots and clothing can be ordered when requested, since we are a small store we are very limited on space and stock only the most wanted 


For archery season we carry practice tips and hunting tips in many grains, if we dont have it we can of course order it in for you, we also have quivers, kisser buttons sights and string wax for bows and string wax, rail lube and scopes for crossbows.


We can make custom strings as well for your bow or crossbow in the strand that you prefer.

Here at Bellaire bait and tackle we are always adding to our inventory to meet our customers needs, if you dont see it in one visit it may be here at your next visit, so stop in often or call to see if we have what you are looking for or to see if we can special order it for you.

                 $ 14.99 ea       

                   $ 14.99 ea

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