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3225 S M-88 HWY

Bellaire Mi 49615

          Open all year
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Bellaire Bait & Tackle was opened on April 23, 2013 to fill a need for the outdoor enthusiast, we are located at 3225 S M-88 Hwy just outside of Bellaire in beautiful Northern Michigan. We carry a large line of hunting, fishing and camping supplies.
Since we are individually owned and operated we dont have the high overhead that the big box stores have so we can offer competitive or in many cases lower prices.
Walking into our store is a throwback to the way it used to be in past generations where you are greeted by a friendly hello and good morning or afternoon, we may not have the largest selection that bigger stores have but we do have what you need for hunting, fishing or camping. If you ask where the fish are biting or what they are catching them on  we can tell you and help you with the tackle or bait that you need to catch them.
If you come up to northern Michigan and forgot something for camping like a life jacket, fishing pole or flashlight or lost your boat plug over the winter storage we have it and if we dont we will help you find what you need to have a enjoyable time or tell you were you can buy it locally.
If you are in need of hunting, fishing or camping supplies, if you are a local or vacationing, stop in browse and say hi, we are always looking forward to meeting new faces and people.








           OPEN 8am - 4pm six days a week

                   closed Thursdays                  



        You can purchase your License by                   clicking on the link below.

  You can keep it on your cell phone so it wont get lost or wet.  


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Standing ned

jig heads


Check out our weedless ned jig heads ewg

in our new store with over 20 colors and 4 sizes to choose from and also our standing ned jig heads ewg that will only find on our website, you will not find standing ned jig head anywhere else.

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All Videos

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This Muskie was the world

record caught on 8lb test

it was caught in October

2012 on Lake Bellaire.


This Muskie was caught on

Intermediate lake in January 2019 by Tim Spencer it measured 51"

IMG_1484 (1).jpg

49 1/2 inches



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